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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday November 14th 2009



Dogs: Mr Arturo Shepherd (Mikasa)

Bitches: Judge Mrs Coral Brock (Cordet)


Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Brown’s Myall Beloved Knight

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog
1st Gadsby & Lynn’s Afterglow Jack The Stripper 
2nd  Sillito-Beale Mrs K’s Malibu It Had To Be You
3rd  Kavanagh & Butcher’s Hendor Apache

Res Fleming’s Rosalo Billy Be Good
VHC Marflitt’s Dageo Nice N Easy

Class 3 Puppy Dog
1st Patterson Rogerson’s Kamarri Buzz Off
2nd Pine Haynes’ Vicmars Rave On
3rd Bayliss’ Kertellas Easy Does It

Res Humphries Mee’s Allinatiz Cool Enigma
VHC Winnington’s Fingolfin Witch King


Class 4 Special Puppy AOC
1st Kavanagh & Butcher’s Hendor Apache 

Class 5 Junior Dog
1st Rawlinson & Patterson’s Highla Snap Crackle and Pop To Kamarri
2nd Elrick’s Aufait As The Crow Flies To Pitfour (Imp Aus)
3rd Ambridge’s Marcodie The Bees Knees

Res Young & Wallis-Baga’s Velrok Malfoy
VHC Brassington & Bass’ Westavia Shining Star

Class 6 Special Yearling Dog
1st Ambridge’s Marcodie The Bees Knees

Class 7 Novice Dog
1st Patterson Rogerson’s Kamarri Buzz Off
2nd Grundy & Holbourn’s Shanpave Scarlet Pimpernel
3rd Young & Wallis-Baga’s Velrok Malfoy

Res Brassington & Bass’ Westavia Shining Star

Class 8 Graduate Dog
1st Gibbs’ Designfor Diamond Sunset

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog
1st Caswell’s Twindles Take A Chance On Me
2nd Austin’s Serekunda Sovereign
3rd Brooks’ Montravia Street Gossip For Athlex

Res Matthews-Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade At Moraymac


Class 10 Limit Dog
1st Farnden’s Atastar About Time To Toriana
2nd Carter’s Somanic Causin A Storm
3rd Lott’s Zoom Zoom Back Via Labamba

Res Garbutt’s Tianola Step Out With Style JW Sh CM
VHC Brasher & Humphries’ Ivanola Gold Seeker

Class 11 Special Open Dog AOC
1st Parker & Winwood’s Montego Kaiser Chief
2nd Wills’ Cool Silver Dream
3rd Brasher & Humphries’ Ivanola Gold Seeker

Res Matthews-Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade At Moraymac

Class 12 Open Dog
1st P Langdon handling for Dorris & Peiser’s Am Mex Int Ch Kaylens By Invitation Only (imp) 
2nd Scott & Burke’s Am Ch Afterglow Sugar Daddy
3rd Cornwell Nicholls’ Ch Magin Team Handsom At Tazmitch

Res Helleberg’s DK Ch Ankarus Crack The Code
VHC Elrick & Youngman’s Pitfour Benromach Over Ice TAF

Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog
1st Clare’s Serekunda Enter The Dragon Via Kelrarmo
2nd Warner’s Dexters Moonlight Shadow
3rd Gilbert’s Carlonia Golden Sunshine



Class 14 Veteran Bitch
1st Lloyd’s Kirkinner Skys The Limit With Sympika
2nd Brekkerud’s Ch Kossab Kontinuety JW
3rd Davidsohn’s Maefare Proof Of The Puddin For Kiragleons

Res Grant’s Madrina Queen Of The Night

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Youngman’s Mumsmayella Magic Moments
2nd Cook’s Topcatana Showgirl
3rd Cummins’ Willowmine Moon Goddess

Res McAuley Hodge & Lynn’s Afterglow Tough Cookie
VHC Carter’s Somanic Reality Check

Class 16 Puppy Bitch
1st Clare’s Pamplona Dancing In The Dark
2nd Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Flair
3rd Langdon’s Vicmars Absolutely Atastar

Res Grace & Wood’s Kamarri She’s Got The Buzz
VHC Newton’s Darbia Destiny’s Child 

Class 17 Special Puppy AOC
1st Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Flair 
2nd Allebone’s Chalkwell Senior Moment
3rd Brasher & Humphries Ivanola Showgirl

Class 18 Junior Bitch
1st Bayliss’ Kertellas Dream Design
2nd Lee’s Afterglow Joyride With Elledina
3rd Langdon & Harwood’s Alusio Calendar Girl For Atastar

Res Muncer’s Valerite Lily Flower At Janavons
VHC Fury’s Vanitonia I’m No Angel


Class 19 Special Yearling Bitch
1st Stone & Lynn’s Afterglow Joyce Occasion At Tolpi
2nd George’s Revelwood Velvet Dove
3rd Fury’s Vanitonia I’m No Angel

Class 20 Novice Bitch
1st Fleming’s Rosalo Unique Star
2nd Vidler’s Vicmars Wicked Wishes
3rd Garbutt’s Ellequin Kickin Up A Storm At Tianola

Res George’s Revelwood Velvet Dove
VHC Tod’s Janavon’s Dear Prudence


Class 21 Graduate Bitch
1st Butcher’s Hendor Reet Petite

2nd Wood’s Dawsadan Hooked On Classics With Hyash


Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch
1st Woodward’s Novatell You Are My Fantasy
2nd Davies’ Tafari Catfights N Caviare
3rd Cox’s Kassioper Daisy Mae

Res Kavanagh’s Whole Lot Of Love At Hendor
VHC Austin’s Somanic Dark N Delicious Of Serekunda

Class 23 Limit Bitch
1st Pine-Haynes’ Vicmar’s Caught Ya Lookin
2nd Newton’s Darbia Sugar Babe
3rd Elrick’s Pitfour Glenugie Over Ice

Res Brook’s Leighbridge Notso Dusty

Class 24 Special Open Bitch AOC
1st Cummins’ Vanitonia Kats Got The Cream ShCM
2nd Wiseman’s Janavons Sea Blossom At Belcani JW
3rd Brookes’ Malibu Takes The Biscuit

Res Grundy’s Shanpave Sharazad
VHC Garbutt’s Montravia Guns Run Riot At Tianola


Class 25 Open Bitch
1st Harwood’s Alusio It Must Be Love
2nd Lath’s Sambucas Ain’t No Angel JW ShCM
3rd Bayliss’ Ch Kertellas On The Sidewalk JW

Res Masterman & Carter’s Somanic In A Huff
VHC Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Sensation

Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch
1st Grant’s Madrina Queen Of The Night
2nd Youngman’s The Lily Of The Valley At Mumsmayella
3rd Brook’s Skulbrook Against All Odds

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