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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday 28th June 2014


Dogs: Mrs Linda Barker

Bitches: Mr Roger Bayliss

Referee: Mr Peter Little OBE



Class 1 Veteran Dog: No entries


Class 2 Minor Puppy

1st Howes Kertellas Morse Code


Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Allegretti Funky PP Dashing

2nd Lott Derbia High Spirit at Lotsdream

3rd Hutchinson Argentcymru Caradog At Jaranichie


Class 4 Special Puppy

1st Friesian’s Kir Royal

2nd Argentcymru Caradog at Jaranichie


Class 5 Junior

1st Huffish American Ganster with Atastar

2nd Ankaru’s Another high Level To Somanic


Class 6 Yearling

1st Namkia In Gear with Wiggins

2nd Namkia Useen Bolt At Pitfour


Class 7 Undergraduate

1st Montravia Talk On Ice

2nd Kamarri Sinatra At Sukanto

3rd Tommys In Town With Twoofus


Class 8 Post Graduate

1st Tafari Flash Harry

2nd Chalkwell Express Yourself

3rd Hendor Money Talks


Class 9 Limit

1st Elledina Ryder Cup

2nd Montego Hue And Cry

3rd Labamba Dirty Sexy Money


Class 10 Special Open

1st Ir CH Somanic Voulez Vous Jun CH

2nd Kamarri Catspur

3rd Shanpave Ashur


Class 11 Open

1st Ch Parcheeni Pulled a Cracker

2nd Sarnia It’s A kind Of Magic

3rd Del Zarzoso Mienteme Otra Vez Ay Namkia


Class 12 Special Pet Clip

1st Designer Diamond Sunset

2nd Dageo Nice n Easy ShCM







Class 13 Veteran

1st Ch/Fin/Lit/Int CH Martina’s Touch Of Magic At Sarnia

2nd Tafari Catfights N Caviare

3rd Hendor Look Whos Talking


Class 14 Minor Puppy

1st Montravia Melting Hearts

2nd Montravia Stealing Hearts With manro

3rd Suedor Bluebell Line


Class 15 Puppy

1st FunkPP Wild Affair

2nd Chance De Bonheur Fabulous

3rd Keymist Midnight Martini


Class 16  Special Puppy

1st Darbia Crazy For You

2nd Suedor Bluebell Line

3rd Carlo Niapollyanna


Class 17 Junior

1st Hendor Dancing On Ice

2nd Rosalo Magic Star

3rd Pettaperle Sapphire


Class 18 Yearling

1st Jatesa Amour Du Ma Vie

2nd Ankaru’s Ready For Somanic


Class 19 Undergraduate

1st Vulcan Dancing Queen

2nd Twoofus Wish Upon a Star

1rd Christamae Lotties Dream


Class 20 Post Graduate

1st Highla Miss Behavin At Michericele

2nd Dageo Against All Odds ShCM

3rd Darbia Dash of Sugar


Class 21 Limit

1st Atastar Just In Love With parcheeni

2nd Tarvana Iced Kandi at Jaspalie

3rd Tehillah Dream Maker


Class 22 Special Open

1st Chalkwell Senior Moment

2nd Tehillah Dream Maker


Class 23 Open

1st Ch Vulacan Shall We Dance For Vicmar








The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show




Judges Critiques


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and committee of The Standard Poodle Club for inviting me to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to thank each and every exhibitor for their entry and the privilege of going over a wonderful collection of dogs. A big thank you also to my two stewards.


Veteran Dog (0)


Minor Puppy Dog (1,1)


Puppy Dog (6,3)


1. Allegretti Funkypp Dashing Affair lovely black with a good head and dark eye. Good reach of neck. Well made body with good rib, nicely angulated rear. Tight knuckled feet. In good coat for age. Moved well with excellent carriage


2. Lott Darbia High Spirit At Lotsdream, another nice puppy, lovely and compact, good masculine head although not course. Not quite the neck of winner but had lovely rear quarters that he used well on the move. A wealth of coat for age.


3. Hutchinson Argentcymru Caradog At Jaranichie


Special Puppy Dog Any Other Colour Than Black Or White (2)


1. Kopetz, O’Brien & Schlinkert – Heck Friesian’s Kir Royal, Silver puppy of good colour. Nice masculine head with dark eye. Lovely body with good rib, well muscled rear enabling him to cover the ground well on the move. Nice tail carriage.


2. Hutchinson Argentcymru Caradog At Jaranichie, Another silver with a pleaseing head and eye although a little heavier in type than winner, well bodied throughout, good neck and a well angulated rear. Moved well once settled.


Junior Dog (5,3)


1. Langdon Huffish American Gangstar With Atastar, beautiful black with a super head and expression. Lovely to go over, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Deep chest and well sprung ribs, good rear quarters. Moved soundly covering the ground. Still only young but I am sure will have a very promising future.


2. Carters Ankaru’s Another Level To Somanic, another quality male, beautifully balanced and short in back. Lovely head and eye. Well bodied with a good front and rear. Moved well covering the ground with style and carriage.


Yearling Dog (3,1)


1. Aikmans Namkia In Gear With Wiggins, beautiful white with the most wonderful head and expression, darkest of eyes. Really caught my eye when he entered the ring and he didn’t disappoint. Totally balanced throughout, thick dense and well tailored coat. Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Yet another youngster that I am sure will gain his title.


2. Namkia Useen Bolt At Pitfour, litter brother to winner, this black is also very striking. Good head and eye, long neck, compact well rounded body. Well muscled and angulated rear, tight feet. Moved well


keeping a good topline. Again immaculate in coat and presentation.


Undergraduate (4,1)


1. Rodgers Montravia Talk On Ice, loved the head and eye of this white giving him the most gorgeous expression. Lovely shape stacked, long neck, good depth of chest and well angulated rear. Beautifully presented. Moved well with drive but is still very raw but given time I am sure will be one to watch.


2. Fozard Kamarri Sinatra At Sukanto, loved the overall shape of this black. Compact and well bodied. Nice head and eye. Good front and well muscled rear. Lovely dense harsh coat. Moved well but was incline to lean towards his handler on the move.


3. Hill & Davis Tommys In Town With Twoofus


Post Graduate Dog (9,4)


1. Davies & Williams Tafari Flash Harry, nicely put together black, lovely masculine head and eye but still refined and not coarse. Super reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder, short in back, well angulated rear and a good tail set. Good dense black coat. Very sound on the move covering the ground well.


2. Ansell Chalkwell Express Yourself, white with a wonderful head and expression. Good overall outline creating a lovely picture when stacked. Well muscled and bodied throughout. Beautifully tailored thick dense coat. At first I thought he would be my winner but preferred the front assembly of winner.


3. Kavanagh & Butcher Hendor Money Talks.


Limit Dog (3)


1. Lee’s Elledina Ryder Cup, Really stunning white with the most beautiful head and darkest of eyes. Nicely chiselled foreface creating a wonderful expression. Long in neck, good body with dept of chest. Well muscled angulated rear. Nice tight feet and great pigmentation. Beautifully presented creating a wonderful picture stacked and also on the move. Despite his owner having a fall he still flowed around the ring with reach and drive and just got better each time he came in the ring. CC and BIS


2. Parker & Winwood Montego Hue And Cry, another well made boy, really nice to go over, compact in body, well angulated and muscled rear. Moved well once settled.


3. Hardy’s Labamba Dirty Sexy Money


Special Open Dog (any other colour than black or white) (4,1)


1. Kopetz & Cash IR CH Somanic Voulez Vous Jun, well presented silver, good coat of even colour. Very well bodied throughout. Moved with plenty of drive.


2. Wades’s Kamarri Catspur, blue boy looking very nice in his pet trim. Nice head and eye, short and compact throughout. Super dense coat of correct texture. Good tail carriage and moved well.


3. Grundy Shanpave Ashur


Open Dog (3)


1. Hutchins CH Parcheeni Pulled A Cracker, very elegant dog, so short and compact looking a picture stacked. Nice head and expression with a hint of mischievous in his eyes. Excellent body and well ribbed. Good front assembly and strong well angulated rear quarters along with a good tail


carriage. Superb thick dense coat of correct texture presented beautifully. On the move he flowed around the ring and couldn’t be denied the RCC. A worthy champion


2. O’Higgins & Galvin Sarnia It’s A Kind Of Magic, nice white with excellent pigmentation. Lovely front and rear construction which enabled him to move so well with plenty of drive. Good tail carriage and nice tight feet.


3. Aikman Del Zarzoso Mienteme Otra Vez At Namkia


Special Pet Clip Dog (3,1)


1. Gibbs & Brown Designer Diamond Sunset, a lovely 6 year old white looking fabulous in his pet trim. Nice head, dark eye and good pigment. Good coat and texture, looking lovely stacked and moved well with a good tail carriage.


2. Marflitt Dageo Nice N Easy, blue with a nice head and dark eye. Masculine but not coarse, short and compact. Good front and rear. Moved well looking very smart in his tailored trim


Linda Barker (Judge of Dogs)






Standard Poodle ClubChampionship Show


28th June 2014






I would like to thank the committee and members for giving me the opportunity to judge bitches for the second time at this years championship show and for their hospitality. Also my thanks go to the stewards that kept everything running smoothly.




Veteran Bitch (6:2)


O'Higgins Ch/Fin/Lit/Ir/Int Ch Martina's Touch Of Magic At Sarnia What a stunning white bitch lovely head eye and expression complete dentition lovely reachy neck excellent shoulders and front with great topline super tail set great ribcage has a well  angulated rear assembly moved out well covering the ground creates an excellent side picture moving and more importantly capable of moving up and back without crossing back or front legs some what a rarity these days.She was in my last 3 in the challenge.

Davies Tafari Catfights N Caviare another high quality constructed feminine black with a nice head and expression good reachy neck good shoulders good topline well set tail shown in good condition and muscle just unfortunate to be in completion with 1st.

Butcher Hendor Look Who's Talking

Minor Puppy Bitch (4:1)


Rogers Montravia Melting Hearts very young stunning feminine bitch with lovely head and expression excellent eye shape and colour has a nice neck and shoulders good front assembly excellent topline short coupled good tail set shown in great coat and condition for her age excelled in movement putting in a great performance on her first outing she ended up my BPB and BPIS not a bad days work for her first show.

Nordmark-Rojas & Rogers Montravia Stealing Hearts With Maneo litter sister to 1st slightly taller type but nevertheless excellent quality loved her head and expression good front and shoulders reachy neck good topline moved well covering the ground in good coat and condition I am sure she will be competitive and should finish up well with luck.

Franklin Suedor Bluebell Line

Puppy Bitch (6:2)


Allegretti Funkypp Wild Affair Nice quality black bitch with feminine head and expression good front assembly nice topline good tail set good deep ribcage with well angulated rear shown in excellent coat and body condition moved out well and nicely presented.

Hipkiss Chance De Bonheur Fabulous Romance At Gemmia Willow white just needs to settle down to the job at hand saying this she is of nice quality has a feminine head and expression good front and shoulders good topline acceptable tail set shown in good body condition should do well if settles.

Smith Keymist Midnight Martini

Puppy Bitch (Any Other Colour Than Black or White) (4:1)


Netwon Dabria Crazy for You fabulously coloured brown high quality brown with nice head and expression good neck front and shoulders correct top line with good tail set shown in excellent coat and condition moved well covering the ground beautifully presented.

Franklin Suedor Bluebell Line very pretty blue bitch with good head and expression good front assembly good top line and tail set good coat and condition.

Gilbert Carolina Pollyanna.

Junior Bitch (4:1)


Butcher Hendor Dancing On Ice another brown nice head and expression nice ear leathers good front and shoulders lovely rib cage nice body well presented the best feet of the day although nails need attention nicely presented moved out well.

Grady Rosalo Magic Star high quality feminine black bitch good front and shoulders deep rib cage good topline nice tail set good body shown in good coat and condition but please cut her nails as they are spoiling her feet.

Collins Pettaperle Sapphire.

Yearling Bitch (3:1)


Merrion Jatesa Amour Du Ma Vie quality feminine head and expression excellent colour good front and shoulders reachy neck correct top line good rib cage excellent rear assembly shown in excellent body and condition won the class as she settled down to move the best.

Carter Ankaru's Ready for Somanic Quality feminine bitch excellent front and shoulders good top line excellent rib cage in good coat and condition presentation first class unfortunately today just did not settle down in her movement so had to pay the price.

Undergraduate Bitch (6:2)


Andersson & Dilton Vulcan Dancing Queen top quality white bitch I was glad and happy to assess her for what she is as she is not the size that I look for in a bitch she is of the highest quality in pristine coat and condition so well balanced great construction good front and shoulders excellent reachy neck and top line good rib cage excellent tail set shown in good hard muscle tone and condition beautifully presented and handled.

Davis Twoofus Wish Upon A Star black bitch with nice head and expression good front and shoulders nice top line good tail set shown in good condition just needs to settle in her movement.

Bull- Harris Christamae Lotties Dream.

Post Graduate Bitch (8:1)


Buchan Highla Miss Behavin At Michericele feminine white bitch good head and expression good front and shoulders good topline nice tail set good rib cage shown in good coat and condition moved out well covering the ground sympathetically handled.

Marflitt Dageo Against all Odds another excellent quality bitch with good head and expression nice front and shoulders also moving out well covering the ground nicely presented and handled.

Newton Dabria Dash Of Sugar

Limit Bitch (3:0)


Hutchins Atastar Just In Love With Parcheeni black with a lovely head and expression excellent front and shoulders lovely ribcage correct top line good tail set nice feet short backed excellent rear assembly very beautifully and expertly presented moved out smartly covering lots of ground today had to settle for the Res CC but has all the qualities to gain her title.

Brown Tarvana Iced Kandi At Jaspalie good quality feminine bitch with well balanced body well angulated rear assembly nice tail set in nice coat and condition.

Hilditch Tehillah Dream Maker.

Special Open Bitch (Any Other Colour Than Black Or White) (3:1)


Ansell Chalkwell Senior Moment exquisite quality silver with a very feminine head and expression lovely reach of neck great front and shoulders lovely rib cage correct top line most beautiful presentation excelled in movement moving out well covering the ground pleased to award her the CC her 2nd I believe so I wish her well for her crowning CC.

Tehillah Dream Maker cream bitch of good quality is well balanced and shown in nice condition.

Open Bitch (2:1)


Pine-Haynes Ch Vulcan Shall We Dance For Vicmar quality bitch high stationed nice head and expression good front and shoulders deep rib cage excellent top line did not settle to move her best today have seen her move better.

Special Pet Clip Bitch (Lamb Dutch Sporting Etc) (4 2)


Clare Pampolna Dancing In The Dark JW lovely quality black bitch lovely head and expression nicely constructed through out presented in first class order good quality coat moved well .

Fury Vanitonia I'm No Angel quality white bitch pleasing head and expression nice top line reasonably front moved well.


Roger E Bayliss(Judge of Bitches)

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