Addison's Disease update 26th May 2020

Two new SPC Vet Members have put together an authoritative updated piece here


Further message from the Chairman of Standard Poodle Club, Peter Little OBE on 14th April 2020
As previously announced the Standard Poodle Club Championship on 11 July 2020 and Open Show on 3 October have been cancelled. I am pleased to confirm that the Championship Show will now be held on Saturday 3 October 2020 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh. New schedules are now available
here and you can enter online via Fossedata.

 I am grateful to our judges for agreeing to the change of date. We very much hope we can hold a celebratory Show on 3 October. Rest assured that should this not be possible entry fees will be refunded.
I am sorry to report that Sandy Vincent, SPC Honorary Secretary, has health issues and I know that our many members and friends will wish her a speedy return to full health. Please note, therefore that enquiries and paper entries for this Show should be addressed to me as Chairman and my full contact details can be found on the schedule. Entry form is
here and I can also be contacted by email at 

Letters have been posted today to all members of the Standard Poodle Club to say that the Club's AGM scheduled for 18 April has been postponed until further notice. However, there were no further nominations or Items for Agenda at the deadline of 21 March so I confirm that the present Committee has been re-elected and will serve another year. 
I also announce that the Kennel Club have agreed to our request to move the date of our Championship Show from 11 July to the date of our Open Show on Saturday 3 October. It will be held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh as previously. I am grateful to our judges for confirming their availability on this new date. Amended details will appear on Fosse Data website in due course and we will update on this website and our Facebook page at Official Standard Poodle Club. 
The Standard Poodle Club is trying to give a clear statement in a rapidly changing environment as we know members and friends of the Club have been anxious given so much uncertainty. 

Champ Show postponed

Saturday 11th July 2020 CHAMP SHOW has now moved to Sat 3rd Oct 2020 all details remain the same except the date enter here 

Open Show cancelled

2020 OPEN SHOW is now cancelled and the date and venue will now be used for our re-scheduled Champ Show 


Crufts 5th March NEC
The Standard Poodle Club had a busy Breed Club stand at Crufts ringside.
Thank you for all members and friends who visited. Peter Little OBE our Chairman, David Dennison our Treasurer and Carole Grundy a loyal SPC member manned the stand. The rescue raffle raised over £200 and the winning ticket number drawn by Crufts Judge Miss M Aikman was number 882. The lucky winners were Jade and Jon and the large black pot Standard Poodle which they won now has pride of place in their grooming salon K9-Style Ltd.
Picture is below and thank you all for taking part. The money raised went directly to SPC Rescue and will keep an Addison's rescue on meds for 3 Months.
Speciality Championship Show

The Standard Poodle Club Champ Show has been moved to Saturday 3rd Oct at the Kennel Club Building in Stoneleigh (the original date of our Open Show which has now been cancelled). All other details remain the same and entry will soon be available from Fosse Data.

Original schedule for the Champ Show is here.Show opens at 8am and judging commences at 10am. There will be a break between dogs and bitches and a Molly Windebank Memorial Stakes class (open dog or bitch) with £25 prize money.

A message from our Vice President

I would very much like to thank the committee of the standard poodle club for the honour of electing me as a Vice President  alongside Vivian Kellard. It was such a surprise and rather emotional too as I felt we were walking in the footpath of two rather special poodle people namely Shirley Walne and Vivian Hincks. I like to think they would have smiled at that!
Recently I was going through my poodle memorabilia and discovered some advertisements (see archive) from a supplement to Our Dogs dated December 14, 1934!
These were poodle breeders in the year that Vulcan Kennel was founded - no advertisement for that one! But ones for two of the top poodle breeders namely Nunsoe (Jane Lane) and Piperscroft (Grace Boyd) the likes of which greatly influenced the Honourable Mrs Nellie Ionides.
What I find extremely interesting is all the advertisement emphasise that the puppies bred are virtually dualpurpose - obedience, retrieving, grouse driving, gundog training, tracking, all are mentioned. Showing is also mentioned but with the exception of Nunsoe and Piperscroft the others appear to deem that of secondary importance!
The photos of the poodles working show them in the lion trim of the day - proof how it is the original clip and adapted over the years to what is now the ‘traditional’ show trim.
I think it is important that the history of the poodle should be kept alive and the original purpose of the breed maintained in the memory.
Ann C. Coppage.
Vulcan Kennels, 9th August 2019


Molly Windebank's passing.

The SPC regret to inform Standard Poodle lovers of the sad Death of the SPC Health Coordinator and passed Chair Molly Windebank. 

Molly Windebank (on the right in the pic) who recently passed away. Also in the picture Sandy Vincent Secretary and Eileen Geeson President at the Club's 50th Anniversary Champ Show.

Molly died peacefully with her family after a short illness. She will be sadly missed after decades of dedicated service to Standard Poodles.

There will be a special Molly Windebank Memorial Stakes Class at our 2020 Champ Show

The Molmik Trophy (named after her affix) will be presented in her honour to the winner of Best Veteran at future SPC Champ shows. 



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