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Von Willebrands Disease

Von Willebrands Disease (vWD)


vWD(type1) and Neonatal Encephalopathy DNA screening for Standard Poodles


Following consultation with the Standard Poodle Breed Health 
Co-ordinator in the UK, The Kennel Club has agreed to set up a new DNA Testing Scheme for vWD (type 1) in this breed.

Several UK Laboratories offer testing and also send the KC results directly:


Animal DNA Diagnostics

Animal Genetics



Pet Genetics Lab


Many other labs perform the tests and owners can send their results to KC

Several SPC members buy a Standard Poodle Bundle of tests from suppliers like Laboklin or Animal Genetics. Prices vary from £120 to £160


The Kennel Club has a list of all the labs here.


It is a requirement in the SPC code of ethics that members conduct these prior to breeding as confirmed by the Kennel Club here 

All results will be recorded in the Breed Records Supplement, on the dog's registration certification and any progeny certificates, and will appear on the Kennel Club website. 

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