Eye conditions


Standard Poodles usually have very few eye problems.

The Kennel Club suggest here that Assured Breeders test for Hereditary Cataract and Multi-Ocular defects prior to breeding. This is done by an eye test conducted by someone qualified arranged through your Vet or at some Dog Shows. Sometimes the Dog Papers list where/when eye clinics are in your area.

Its a painless process, drops are placed in each eye and after a few minutes the eyes are checked. A certificate is sent to the KC with a copy given to the owner. The results are placed on the health record of the dog at the Kennel Club.

Several UK Laboratories (below) offer testing for PRA - a very rare eye condition. We have only had one confirmed case ever reported to the Standard Poodle Club.


Animal DNA Diagnostics.

Animal Genetics


Pet Genetics Lab


Many other labs perform the tests and owners can send their results to KC

The Kennel Club has a list of all the labs here.

Standard Poodle Bundle of tests from suppliers like Laboklin or Animal Genetics. Prices vary from £120 to £160, many include a PRA4 test applicable for Standard Poodles


It is a requirement in the SPC code of ethics that members have an eye check prior to breeding as confirmed by the Kennel Club here 

All results will be recorded in the KC Breed Records Supplement, on the dog's registration certification and any progeny certificates.