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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday June 30th 2012


Dogs: Mrs C Lawton Anderson

Bitches: Miss M Kendall

Referee: Mrs M Nathan



Class 1 Veteran Dog

No Entries


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Austins Serekunda Only on Sunday


Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Hutchins Parcheeni Pulled A Cracker

2nd McBlain Alusio Street Talk by Kossab

3rd Hardy Labamba Dirty Sexy Money


Class 4 Special AOC Puppy Dog

1st Parker & Winwood Montego Hue and Cry


Class 5 Junior Dog

1st Furey Somanic Style by Design at Clanese

2nd Fardon Amenria Midnight Express

3rd Winnington Fingolfin King of Rohan


Class 6 Yearling Dog

1st Grady Tehillah Dream On

2nd Hillditch Tehillah Dream Lover


Class 7 Undergraduate Dog

1st McBlain Alusio Street Talk by Kossab


Class 8 Graduate dog

No Entries


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog

1st Aikman Del Zarzoso Mienteme Otra Vez


Class 10 Limit Dog

1st Rawlinson Highla Snap Crackle and Pop to Kamarri

2nd Elrick Pitfour Hot Chilli Piper


Class 11 Special AOC Open Dog

1st Daniell & Barker Crystalar Destined To Be

2nd Mountfield Hancox Kamarri Super Plus

3rd Hillditch Tehillah Dream Lover


Class 12 Open Dog

1st Pine Haynes’ Ch Vicmars Rave On JW (Dog CC)

2nd Ansell Chalkwell Comic Relief

3rd Brown Graebarn Fireblade at Myall


Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog

1st Wade Kirsticia Spring Tide





Class 14 Veteran Bitch

No Entries


Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Carter Mikash Asia at Somanic

2nd Winnington Fingolfin’s Galadriel

3rd Marriott Kamarri its A Calamity


Class 16 Puppy Bitch

1st Campbell Labamba Nut’in But Gorgeous for Papushka

2nd Brekkerrud Kossab Klassact

3rd Davis Twoofus Wish Upon A Star


Class 17 Special AOC Puppy Bitch

1st Bayliss Somanic Tailor Made for Kertellas

2nd Buchan Highla Misbehavin


Class 18 Junior Bitch

1st Mountfield Hancox Kamarri Queen of Tarts (Res CC)

2nd Wells Smart Connection Maxet (Imp Rus)

3rd Smith Keymist Airs n’ Graces


Class 19 Yearling Bitch

1st Carter & Freeman Somanic Hypnotic Poison

2nd Skinner Highla Girls Aloud

3rd Hilditch Tehillah Dream Maker


Class 20 Undergraduate Bitch

1st Campbell Labamba Nut’in But Gorgeous for Papushka


Class 21 Graduate Bitch

No Entries


Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Ansell Chalkwell Senior Moment (Bitch CC)

2nd Buchan Highla Because I’m Worth It to Michericele

3rd Roper Jusbar Mis-Teeq


Class 23 Limit Bitch

1st Elrick Pitfour Piperwhyte

2nd Macro Snoodles Death by Chocolate at Jemsmac

3rd Ward Snoodles Ice Princess


Class 24 Special AOC Open Bitch

1st Barker Crystalar Are You All White

2nd Macro Snoodles Death by Chocolate At Jemsmac

3rd Hilditch Tehillah Dream Maker


Class 25 Open Bitch

1st Campbells Labamba Pandemonium at Papushka JW

2nd Davies Pitfour Piper Amazin Grace

3rd Bayliss Somanic Reminiscent of Kertellas


Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch

No Entries

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