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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday July 3rd 2010



Dogs: Mrs Jean Treagus (Jaytor)

Bitches: Miss Ann Coppage (Vulcan)


Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Brown’s Myall Beloved Knight
2nd Cummins’ Willowmine Serge De Nimes
3rd Ratcliffe’s Acefliffe Star Guy
4th Croft’s Jencro Crest of the Wave


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog
1st Bayliss’ Kertellas Ease on Down
2nd Gee’s Sancere Follow Me 

Class 3 Puppy Dog

Class 4 Special Puppy AOC
1st Brooks’ Sculbrook Nutty Professor

Class 5 Junior Dog
1st Pine-Haynes’ Vicmars Rave On. DOG CC & BIS
2nd Horsfall’s Kossab Streets Ahead at Starene
3rd Humphries Mee’s Allinatiz Cool Enigma
4th Winnington’s Fingolfin Phoenix Fire Bird
5th Butcher’s Hendor Al Capone


Class 6 Special Yearling Dog
1st Marflitt’s Nice’N Easy
2nd Grundy & Holbourn’s Shanpave Scarlet Pimpernel

Class 7 Novice Dog
1st Fleming’s Rosalo Billy Be Good
2nd Butcher’s Hendor Apache
3rd Smith’s Keymist Causin Chaos

Class 8 Graduate Dog
1st Mountfield Hancox’s Kamarri Super Plus
2nd Marflitt’s Dageo Nice’N Easy


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog
1st Sillito-Beale’s Malibu It Had to Be You
2nd Daneill & Barker’s Crystalar Destined to Be
3rd Wade’s Kirsticia Spring Tide
4th Davis’ Sarnia Double Temp at Twoofus
5th Matthew Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade at Moraymac


Class 10 Limit Dog
1st Carter’s Somanic Causin a Storm
2nd Gibbs’ Designfor Diamond Sunset
3rd Elrick’s Aufait As The Crow Flies to Pitfour 

Class 11 Special Open Dog AOC
1st Winwood & Parker’s Ch. Montego Kaiser Chief
2nd Hoblin & Rude’s Ch Lemerle Remington Steel
3rd Austin’s Serekunda Sovereign


Class 12 Open Dog
1st Barney’s Graebarn Fireblade at Myall 

Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog
1st Farnden’s Atastar About Time to Torinana
2nd Clare’s Ch Serekunda Enter the Dragon via Kelrarmo.



Class 14 Veteran Bitch
1st Grant’s Madrina Queen of the Night
2nd Barney’s Myall Sunrise Special
3rd Biddlecomb’s Deldorm Tanzi


Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Cornwall Nicholls’ Labamba Here Come the Girls
2nd Mountfield Hancox’s Kirstica Copper Lady
3rd Bayliss’ Kertellas Love Somebody


Class 16 Puppy Bitch
1st Daniels’ Simajan When Doves Cry


Class 17 Special Puppy AOC
1st Sumner, Rawley & Bax’s Dorvalle Diana at Taladayga
2nd Mountfield Hancox’s Kirstica Copper Lady
3rd Little’s Dorvalle Caramel Cream


Class 18 Junior Bitch
1st Sillito-Beale’s Malibu Got A Crush on You
2nd Brekkerud’s Kossab Kontinuation
3rd Cook’s Topcatana Showgirl
4th Humphries Mee’s Allinatiz Darkice Envy
5th Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Flair


Class 19 Special Yearling Bitch
1st Carter’s Somanic Reality Check
2nd Ward’s Snoodles Dark Desire
3rd Fury’s Vanitonia Im No Angel 
4th Newton’s Darbia Destinys Child
5th Brooks’ Atelex Beyond Belief


Class 20 Novice Bitch
1st Fury’s Vanitonia I’m No Angel
2nd Newton’s Darbia Destiny’s Child


Class 21 Graduate Bitch
1st Vidler’s Vicmars Wicked Wishes
2nd Cummins’ Willowmine Moon Goddess
3rd Fury’s Vanitonia Im No Angel
4th Gilbert’s Floral Tribute to Carlonia


Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch
1st Clare & Charles’ Pamplona Dancing in the Dark JW
2nd Woodward’s Novatell You Are My Fantasy
3rd Fleming’s Rosalo Unique Star
4th Barney’s Graebarn Cadillac Showgirl
5th Macro’s Snoodles Dancing Moonlight at Jemsmac

Class 23 Limit Bitch
1st Baker’s Crystalar Dizzy Whizzy
2nd Macro’s Snoodles Death by Chocolate at Jemsmac
3rd Biddlecomb’s Tanzi’s Spirit of Gold


Class 24 Special Open Bitch AOC
1st Carter’s Aust Ch. Serekunda True Love Among Somanic
2nd Macro’s Snoodles Death by Chocolate at Jemsmac
3rd Jennings’ Ch,Am Ch Kaylens Keeper of the Stars
4th Wiseman’s Janavons Sea Blossom at Belcani JW
5th Macro’s Its Show Time at Jemsmac


Class 25 Open Bitch
1st Elrick’s Pitfour Glenugie Over Ice
2nd Bayliss’ Ch Kertellas Dream Design 
3rd Masterman & Macabe’s Ir Ch Somanic Truly Duz It For Kissena
4th Macro’s Its Show Time at Jemsmac
5th Tod’s Janavons Dear Prudence


Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch
1st Tod’s Janavons Dazzles Delight
2nd Grant’s Madrina Queen of the Night
3rd Gilbert’s Floral Tribute to Carlonia.

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