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Coat care  



There are so many brushes and combs on the market that it is easy for a newcomer to get mind-blown when looking through a catalogue or the stands at a show or in the local pet shop. The slicker brush is the most widely used for pet coats. This is a wire, shaped pin, claw-type brush generally set into a rubber base. It is quite good for getting through thick coats; do not, however, use this on the body where the coat is cut short. For this you need a softer brush. For longer hair the pin brush is useful with longer pins set in a rubber base. One useful brush if the flexible slicker, this literally bends with the shape of the dog and gets down to the roots well.  The handle is coloured for different breeds.  I.E. for Poodles the blue is recommended. The green is a little softer and also good for most coats. Grooming is essential, but you do not want to break the hair of pet or show dog with harsh brushes.  Groom spray conditioner can be used to help with changing coat to prevent mating. However, persistence in brushing and combing is the key to keep your Standard Poodle looking smart.


The best for all coats is the wide-toothed steel comb. There are combs which have wide-spaced pins at one end and closer-placed pins at the opposite end. Wooden handle combs are also available. Rakes that pull through mated coats are sometimes used by groomers, but these are quite brutal, and it is far better to groom your Standard Poodle often and use a stay-in conditioner to prevent mats or felts forming in the first place.

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