Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show



Dogs: Mr Malcolm Fozzard (Sukanto)

Bitches: Mrs Sue Kent (Sasal)




Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Brown’s Myall Beloved Knight.(w)

2nd Rawlinson’s Highla Mister Brown (br)


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st O’Higgin’s Sarnia Let Me Entertain You (b)

2nd Last’s Dawsadan Wow He Is Something (w)


Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Mr & Mrs Lott’s Zoom Zoom Back To Labamba (b)

2nd Pennell’s Sashling CarelessWhispers (w)

3rd Sillito-Pearson’s Malibu Molton Brown (br)


Class 4 Special Puppy AOC

1st Sillito-Pearson’s Malibu Molton Brown (br)


Class 5 Junior Dog

1st Parker & Winwood’s Montego Kaiser Chief (cr)

2nd Rowland Kwint’s Ivanola Gambling Gold (a)

3rd Coppage’s Am Ch Vulcan Champagne Sea Fox (s)


Class 6 Special Yearling Dog

1st Campbell’s Papushkas Black Tie Affair (b)


Class 7 Novice Dog

1st Sillito-Pearson’s Malibu Molton Brown (br)


Class 8 Graduate Dog

1st Farnden & Williams’ Atastar About Time To Toriana (b )

2nd Brasher & Humphries' Ivanola Gold Seeker (a)

3rd Gaved’s Dawsadan Bring Me Sunshine (w)

4th Gilbert's Carlonia Golden Sunshine (a)


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog

1st Grace’s Kamarri Point Taken (b)

2nd Kavanagh’s Ursofine Indian Summer (w)

3rd Berry's Haylesdown Fabrizio (b)


Class 10 Limit Dog

1st Pine-Haynes & Peiser’s Kaylens Time And Time Again (Imp) (b)

2nd Grace’s Kamarri Point Taken (b)

3rd Ratcliffe's Acecliffe Star Guy Shcm (cr)

4th Smith & Eld-Weavers’ Zenzaris Eye Of The Storm (b)

Class 11 Special Open Dog AOC

1st Hoblin & Rude's Ch Ir Ch Int Ch Lemerle Remington Steel (IMP USA) (s)

2nd Brasher & Humphries' Ivanola Gold Seeker (a)

3rd Rowland Kwint’s Ivanola Gambling Gold (a)

4th Gilbert's Carlonia Golden Sunshine (a)


Class 12 Open Dog

1st Rawlinson & Patterson-Rogerson’s Ch Piedmont Don Michael For Highla (b)

2nd Sandell & Cronander’s Ch Sw Ch Pol Ch Huffish On Every Street (b)


Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog

1st Brook's Skulbrook Flash of Magic Shcm (b)

2nd Williams & Rodgers’ Montravia Star PerformerAt Rockiani (w)

3rd Smith’s Astroid Trade Secrets (b)




Class 14 Veteran Bitch

1st Muir’s Ch Aberdevine Lady In Black (b)

2nd Shoosmith’s Atastar Look West To Alisiane (b)

3rd Grant’s Khyzaha Picture This At Madrina (b)

4th Lawrance's Hyash Midnight ClassicAt Dawsadan Shcm (b)

5th VHC Brook’s Skulbook Brown By Design (b)

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Harwood’s Alusio It Must be Love (b)

2nd Davies’ Tafari Catfights N Caviare (b)

3rd Wood’s Dawsadan Hooked On Classics With Hyash (w)

4th Angus’ Bibop Born To Do It (b)

5thVHC Eld-Weaver’s Zenzaris Glory In Design (b)

Class 16 Puppy Bitch

1st Bayliss’ Kertellas It’s A Girl Thing (b)

2nd Youngman’s The Lily Of The Valley At Mumsmayella (w)

3rd Gaved’s Sashling Midnight Dancer (b)

4th Daniels’ Khyzahra Giggle And Gossip For Simajan (b)

5thVHC Rowland-Kwint & Evans’ Carristina Mystical Breeze (s)

Class 17 Special Puppy AOC

1st Grundy’s Shanpave Sharazad (a)

2nd Rowland-Kwint & Evans’ Carristina Mystical Breeze (s)

Class 18 Junior Bitch

1st Austin’s Serekunda Firefly (b)

2nd Farndon and Ambridge’s Serekunda Bashful Lady (b)

3rd Barker’s Crystalar Dizzy White (w)

4th Miller’s Ataahua Caroahi (b)

5thVHC Butcher’s Hendor Reet Petite (w)

Class 19 Special Yearling Bitch

1st Fleming’s Kamarri Blazing Star For Rosalo (w)

2nd Brook & Sanders’ Leighbridge Notso Dusty (br)

3rd Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Sensation (w)

4th Biddlecombe’s Tanzis Spirit Of Gold (b)

5th VHC Humphries–Mee’s Somanic Whoops A Dazy (b)

Class 20 Novice Bitch

1st Pine-Haynes’ Vicmar’s This Time (w)

2nd Brown’s Myall’s JT’s Summer (b)

3rd Biddlecombe’s Tanzis Spirit Of Gold (b)

4th Lawrence’s Somanic Cosmic Dust (s)

Class 21 Graduate Bitch

1st Parker & Winwood’s Montego Pearl Jam (cr),

2nd Bayliss’ Kertellas With Attitude( b)

3rd Garbutt’s Montravia Guns Run Riot At Tianola (Br)

4th Smith’s Keymist So Chic (b)

5th VHC Brown’s Myall’s JT’s Summer (b)

Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Jennings & Jones’ Confifi Kandy Orchid (w)

2nd Fleming's Vanitonia Making The Most For Rosalo (b)

3rd Brook’s Skulbrook Against All Odds (b)

4th Lawrance's Dawsadan Dawns Delight (b)

Class 23 Limit Bitch

1st O’Higgins’ Martinas Touch Of Magic At Sarnia (w)

2nd Buchan’s Atastar Journey South With Michericele (b)

3rd Lloyd and Luty’s Kikinner Skys The Limit With Sympika (cr)

4th Newton's Cordet Goodnight Kiss To Darbia (b)

5th VHC Miller’s Show Must Go On Is Ataahua (b)

Class 24 Special Open Bitch AOC


Class 25 Open Bitch

1st Rawlinson and Patterson-Rogerson’s Highla Aoife (b)

2nd Campbell’s Ch Papushka Dare To Dream JW (b)

3rd Cook’s Ch Topcatana Sweet Chariot (b)

4th Jennings & Jones’ Confifi Kandy Orchid (w)

5th VHC Ansell’s Ch Somanic Venus In Blue Genes

Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch

1st Bayliss’ Ch Serekunda Dream On At Kertellas (b)

2nd Grant's Madrina Queen Of The Night (b)

Class 27 Special Beginner’s Stakes

1st Brown’s Myall Beloved Knight.(w)

2nd Millers Attaahua Caroahi (b)

3rd Grant’s Madrina Queen of the Night(b)

4th Brook’s Sculbrook Against All Odds (b)

5th VHC Cox’s Kassieoper Daisy Mai (b)