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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday November 8th 2008



Dogs: Mr Geoff Corish (Sealaw)

Bitches: Mr Peter Little OBE (Dorvalle)




Class 1 Veteran Dog
1st Ratcliffe's Acecliffe Star Guy ShCM (cr)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog
1st Patterson & Rawlinson’s Kamarri Back To The Future With Highla TAF (cr)
2nd Kidd & Hirst’s Alisiane King Of The Fairies (b)
3rd Fitzgibbons’ Kymalaya Heartbreaker (w)

Res Paul & Jones’ Kymalaya Live The Dream (w)
VHC McDowell’s Steelthorn Rico (a)

Class 3 Puppy Dog
1st Carter’s Somanic Causin A Storm (b)
2nd Gibbs’ Designfor Diamond Sunset (w) 
3rd Wills’ Cool Silver Dream (s)

Class 4 Special Puppy AOC
1st Wills’ Cool Silver Dream (s)

Class 5 Junior Dog
1st Rodgers’ Kertellas On Easy Street At Montravia (b)
2nd Parker’s Cachucas Trick O The Light (a)
3rd Brooks’ Montravia Street Gossip For Athlex (b)

Class 6 Special Yearling Dog

Class 7 Novice Dog
1st Brooks’ Montravia Street Gossip For Athlex (b)
2nd Matthews-Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade At Moraymac (bl)

Class 8 Graduate Dog
1st Lott’s Zoom Zoom Back To Labamba (b)
2nd Garbutt’s Tianola Step Out With Style (b)
3rd Munro’s Kamarri Whiter Shade Of Pale (w)

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog
1st Wade’s Kirsticia Spring Tide (b)
2nd Davis’ Sarnia Double Tempo At Twoofus (b)
3rd Austin’s Serekunda Sovereign (b)

Res Bayliss & Hardy’s Kertellas Motivation (w)
VHC Munro’s Dolzago’s Night In White Satin Shcm (w)

Class 10 Limit Dog
1st Parker & Winwood’s Montego Kaiser Chief (cr)
2nd Elrick’s Pitfour Benromach Over Ice (w)
3rd Kavanagh’s Hendor Ursofine Indian Summer (cr)

Res Grace’s Kamarri Point Taken (b)
VHC Brasher & Humphries' Ivanola Gold Seeker (a)

Class 11 Special Open Dog AOC
1st Wingham’s Crystalar Mr Humphrey At Timkatelou (bl)
2nd Coppage’s Am Ch Vulcan Champagne Sea Fox (s)
3rd Matthews-Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade At Moraymac (bl)

Class 12 Open Dog
1st Carter, Cowie & Harney’s Can Am Ch Pinafore Dark Design (imp) (b)
2nd P Langdon handling for Dorris & Peiser’s Am Mex Int Ch Kaylens By Invitation Only(imp) (w)

Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog
1st Croft’s Jencro Crest Of The Wave (b)


Class 14 Veteran Bitch
1st Garbutt’s Nicer Spice At Tianola (br)
2nd Lawrance's Hyash Midnight ClassicAt Dawsadan Shcm (b)
3rd Croft’s Astroid Winter Solstice Over Jencro (b)

Res Randall’s Hotaszell True Love (b)

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Fitzgibbon’s Kymalaya Spirit Of Life (w)
2nd Hunter’s Steelthorn Copacabana For Tobonypark (a)
3rd Luty’s Kirkinner Captivation At Sympika (w)


Res Shoosmith’s Alisiane Drama Queen (b)
VHC Lawrance's Dawsadan Dainty Della (w)

Class 16 Puppy Bitch
1st Austin’s Somanic Dark N Delicious Of Serekunda (b)
2nd Cornwell-Nicholl’s Tazmitch Team Tradition (b)
3rd Masterman & Carter’s Somanic In A Huff (b)
4th Woodward’s Novatell You Are My Fantasy (b)


Class 17 Special Puppy AOC
1st Wiseman’s Janavons Sea Blossom At Belcani (s)

Class 18 Junior Bitch
1st Pine-Haynes & Penfold’s Vicmars Caught Ya Lookin(b)
2nd Bayliss & Wilson’s Kertellas Street Dancer (cr)
3rd Smith’s Keymist Foxy Lady (b)

Res Clipsham & Fox-Clipsham & Matthew’s Haycock Ficus (br)
VHC Miller’s Twindles I Have A Dream (b)


Class 19 Special Yearling Bitch
1st Harwood’s Alusio It Must Be Love (b)
2nd Newton’s Darbia Sugar Babe (b)
3rd Davies’ Tafari Catfights N Caviare (b)

Res Youngman’s The Lily Of The Valley At Mumsmayella (w)

Class 20 Novice Bitch
1st Cummin’s Willowmine Sinful Legacy (b)
2nd Smith’s Keymist Foxy Lady (b)
3rd Biddlecombe’s Tanzi Spirit Of Gold (b)

Class 21 Graduate Bitch
1st Garbutt’s Montravia Guns Run Riot At Tianola (br)
2nd Bayliss & Wilson’s Kertellas Street Dancer( cr)
3rd Locke’s Beau You Don’t Know Diddley Via Labamba (w)

Res Ratcliffe’s Acecliffe Star Sensation (w)
VHC Wood’s Dawsadan Hooked On Classics With Hyash (w)

Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch
1st Pine-Haynes’ Vicmar’s This Time (w)
2nd Mounfield Hancox’ Taladayga Welsh Honey (a)
3rd Roper’s Serekunda My Oh My In Jusbar (b)

Res Stokes’ Novatell Queen Of Glory At Madsovtik (b)
VHC Miller’s Ataahua Caroahi (b)

Class 23 Limit Bitch
1st Parker & Winwood’s Montego Pearl Jam (cr),
2nd Fozard’s Sukanto Smart Edition (b)
3rd Lath’s Sambucas Ain’t No Angel JW ShCM (b)

Res Elrick’s Pitfour Glenugie Over Ice (w)
VHC Miller’s Show Must Go On Is Ataahua (b)

Class 24 Special Open Bitch AOC
1st Jennings & Langdon’s Am Ch Kaylens Keeper Of The Stars (imp) (s)
2nd Lloyd’s Kirkinner Skys The Limit With Sympika (cr)
3rd Cummins’ Vanitonia Kats Got The Cream ShCM (cr)

Res Mounfield Hancox’ Taladayga Welsh Honey (a)
VHC Moore’s Canen Spellbinder At Menawethan (br)


Class 25 Open Bitch
1st Rodgers, Svenburg & Johansson’s Sandust Coconut N Current (b)
2nd Ansell’s Ch Somanic Venus In Blue Genes
3rd Mounfield Hancox’ Magin Miss Dior (b)

Res Lawrance’s Dawsadan Dawns Delight (b)
VHC Moore’s Canen Spellbinder At Menawethan (br)

Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch
1st Tod’s Janavons Dazzles Delight (bl)
2nd  Davidsohn’s Maefare Proof Of The Puddin For Kiragleons (b)
3rd  Randall’s Hotaszell True Love (b)

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