Standard Poodle Welfare


The Standard Poodle Club is the only Poodle Club in the U.K. with their own Health Administrator.

 Mrs Sandy Vincent 01420 563376 vincent.sandy@ymail.com

See Health disorders reported for Standard Poodles here

The Club currently runs Open Registries for Sebaceous Adenitis and Addison's Disease which are available from the Club Secretary.

The Club actively encourages members & breeders to test for any Hereditary Disease before breeding, this is a condition of membership as laid down in the 
Code Of Ethics.

The Club is actively working with the Animal Health Trust and

The Kennel Club to raise funds for a DNA test for Sebaceous Adenitis and eventually other Hereditary Diseases. Check out the progress of our Shirley Walne DNA Fund.

All information on Sebaceous Adenitis and any other Health Issues regarding the Standard Poodle are available from Mrs Sandy Vincent, or on our On-line Reference page.