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Grooming Puppies



Grooming is an essential part of a Poodles life.  The Poodle is blessed with a woolly coat that does not moult.  This is the reason Asthmatics are not allergic to Poodles. The coat must be brushed daily and trimmed regularly.  Your puppy will have had its feet, face and tail clipped and been bathed by the breeder before it comes to you.  If you live in reasonable distance to your breeder then you may well be able to return the puppy for its trimming each four to six weeks.  If not, you must visit local Poodle Trimmers and find a kind, sympathetic, experienced beautician to do the clipping, unless you mean to learn how to do this yourself, and why not?  Get your dog’s breeder to teach you if you can. They should at least demonstrate to any new owner the art of brushing and combing efficiently.
Brushing is far easier to cope with than trimming. This must be done daily or at least three to four times a week.  It only takes a minute or two to brush a Standard Poodle puppy; your puppy surely deserves that much of your time.  Always try to use a table for grooming, it is so much easier.  Have a table placed against the wall to begin with so that you have more security with the young pup and more control.  A rubber mat is a good idea to prevent slipping.  Car mats or bath mats are inexpensive and do the job admirably.  Pop the puppy onto the table.  One word of warning here!  If you use a domestic table, such as the dining or kitchen table, don’t be surprised to find, when the puppy has grown and can jump, that the dog will get onto the table of his own accord and lie on it.  Better to use a table which your pup will know is his, perhaps in a utility area. Holding the puppy with one hand at chest area, take a pin or slicker brush and carefully but firmly brush through the coat; then take a wide-toothed comb and comb through the hair.  This must be done all over, paying special attention to behind the ears and under the arms where these parts seem to tangle more as the puppy gets older. This will only take a few minutes. When the job is done make nice noises at your puppy, telling it how handsome or pretty it looks.  A young pup will soon come to enjoy being groomed. After all you are merely taking over the job of caring for him from him Dam. Take care to stand close to a young puppy when it is on a table for they are sometimes quite wriggly and you must not allow it to fall from the table.  Never tie a puppy or dog to a hook on the wall or anywhere else.  Dogs have been strangled this way.  



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