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Welfare Links

Welfare Links


This page contains links to welfare sites, which may affect Standard Poodles. If you have ideas or suggestions for other sites, please contact a Committee member so that we may consider it for inclusion. 
General Links can be found here.

Addison's Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) in Dogs

SPC recommends this Addison's Disease in dogs closed FB group which has 4,500 members sharing their experiences and several interesting documents

Poodle Health Registry

The Poodle Health Registry is an open online registry of Poodles with documented health problems. PHR is staffed by volunteers and supported by donations. PHR constantly works to streamline the registration process and make it as user friendly as possible without compromising the high standards of accuracy necessary to maintain the integrity of the registry. The registry hopes to cover all three size poodles, at this time the Standard Poodle is documented only. You are invited to submit documented cases to PHR and to use PHR to carry out your own research. Entry into the Registry is not restricted to the USA.


Animal Health Trust

The Animal Health Trust is a charity that has been helping dogs, cats and horses for more than half a century. We provide specialist veterinary clinical, diagnostic and surgical services and our successes in research have ranged from major breakthroughs in anaesthesia and surgical techniques to the development of vaccines against diseases such as canine distemper and equine influenza. Our scientists and veterinarians, many of whom are world leaders in their field, work alongside bringing together a wide range of expertise for a co-ordinated attack on animal diseases and injuries.


Canine Genetic Analysis Project

This is the site for Standard Poodle Addison's Disease and Epilepsy DNA Research. If you have previously submitted swabs/blood for the study, please would you update the dog's health status even if it is still healthy. There is also a section for obtaining the buccal swabs if you have not been able to collect from Health Admin.


Phyllis Croft Foundation

The PCFCE was founded to bring support and comfort to the owners of dogs with canine epilepsy, to raise public awareness and knowledge of the condition. The Foundation was named to honour Dr Croft whose interest in canine epilepsy began more than 60 years ago when her family's beagle pups started to have fits. She qualified as a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1950 and dedicated the rest of her veterinary career to studying epilepsy and diseases of the brain. In 1959 she received a Fellowship for her thesis on this subject.


Finnzymes Diagnostics

vWD(type1) DNA testing scheme for Standard Poodles

The Kennel Club recently agreed to record results for this DNA health test if requested by a Standard Poodle owner. This would mean that all results are automatically sent to the Kennel Club by the testing laboratory and recorded in the Breed Records Supplement, on the dog's registration certification and any progeny certificates, and will appear on KC website.

The Kennel Club would wish to work with the Health Administrator of the Breed Club to promote and record the results of the DNA test and to encourage more breeders to test for this inherited condition. 
Further details and information of the DNA Testing can be obtained from Vetgen or from Finnzymes.


Dog Genetic Health

Dog Genetic Health is your one stop resource for practical information and to learn about dog genetic health, a guide brought to you by the Kennel Club.

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