Unfortunately, like all breeds, the Standard Poodle has to have a Rescue Service.

This has been in operation for over 20 years, and is the oldest established Poodle Rescue Service in the U.K.

The reasons for dogs coming into rescue are varied. Marriage break ups and bereavement being the most common, but the Rescue Service is NOT a dumping ground for unsold puppies from unscrupulous breeders.

We are in constant need of caring Standard Poodle lovers who are willing to re-home a dog that for no fault of its own finds itself homeless. Not people who just want to gain a dog for nothing!

We are always also looking for experienced Standard Poodle lovers who would be willing to carry out home-checks for us, prior to dogs being re-homed.

If you would like more information on the Rescue Service, please contact any of the Area Reps .



Re-homed Figures
A few statistics from the Standard Poodle Rescue Service:
Since 1990, The Standard Poodle Rescue Service has re-homed a total of 1176 dogs.

There was a total of 21 dogs passing through rescue last year.
So far this year 12 dogs have passed through our Rescue.