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About The 

Standard Poodle Club

A Little About Us...


The Standard Poodle Club of Great Britain is (we believe) the only club in the world devoted entirely to Standard Poodles.

The Standard Poodle Club runs its own rescue service, re-homing numerous dogs each year.
Each region of the country has an area rep on the committee, enabling easy access to all members regardless of location. The area reps are also actively involved with the rescue service, producing a chain throughout the country. A list of these can be found on the area reps page

The Club has a Health Administrator concerned with all health issues pertaining to the breed. This has enabled the club to highlight hereditary problems within the breed, including active registries for Sebaceous Adenitis and Addison’s Disease.

Formed and registered in 1965 the membership has grown from an initial thirty to a hundred and thirty five by 2023

The Club's Championship show is now the most popular show of the year for Standard Poodles, with its entries from 1998 to 2003 being even bigger than the entries for Standard Poodles at Crufts! Our 2018 Champ Show attracted 99 entries, many from abroad including Sweden, Russia and Ireland.

Our 2023 show had 99 entries.

The Club's Newsletter is eagerly awaited each year, with the newsletter now being officially a news magazine with over 40 pages.

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