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Championship Show



The Standard Poodle Club Championship Show
Saturday July 2nd 2011




Dogs: Andrew Hoblin (Kertellas)

Bitches: Jackie Kitchener (Michandy)



Class 1 Veteran Dog
No Entries

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog
1st Grady’s Tehillah Dream On
2nd Hilditch’s Tehillah Dream Lover

Class 3 Puppy Dog
1st Garbutt’s Tianola Causin A Riot
2nd Lydon’s Sukanto Once In A Blue Moon
3rd Miller’s Master Lucky Louis

Class 4 Special Puppy AOC
1st Hilditch’s Tehillah Dream Lover

Class 5 Junior Dog
1st Carter’s Somanic Dot Dot Dash
2nd Youngman’s Mumsmayella San Jose
3rd Bunyan’s Chesmintar Jacobs Dream

Class 6 Special Yearling Dog

Class 7 Novice Dog
1st Garbutt’s Tianola Causin A Riot

Class 8 Graduate Dog
1st Grundy & Holbourn’s Shanpave Scarlet Pimpernel
2nd Bunyan’s Chesmintar Jacobs Dream

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog
1st Kavanagh’s Hendor Comanchero
2nd Fleming’s Rosalo Billy Be Good
3rd Marflitt’s Dageo Nice N Easy
4th Turton’s Westavia Shining Star
5th Smith’s Keymist Causin Chaos


Class 10 Limit Dog
1st Sillito-Pearson Mrs B’s Ch Malibu It Had To Be You
2nd Gibbs & Brown’s Designfor Diamond Sunset

Class 11 Special Open Dog AOC
1st Daniell & Barker’s Crystalar Destined To Be
2nd Brook’s Skulbrook Nutty Professor
3rd Matthews-Loydall’s Purple Emperor Jade At Moraymac
4th Grady’s Jorgei Golden Crunchie

Class 12 Open Dog
1st Pine-Haynes’ Ch Vicmar’s Rave On JW
2nd Horsfall’s Ch Kossab Streets Ahead At Starene
3rd Elrick’s Aufait As The Crow Flies To Pitfour(Imp Aus)
4th Brown & Gibbs’ Graebarn Fireblade At Myall

Class 13 Special Pet Clip Dog
1st Parker & Winwood’s Ch Montego Kaiser Chief JW
2nd Turton’s Westavia Shining Star
3rd Grady’s Jorgei Golden Crunchie
4th Sykes’ Tanglebrook Sea Cadet





Class 14 Veteran Bitch
1st Cummins’ Vanitonia Kats Got The Cream ShCM 
2nd Tod’s Janavons Dazzles Delight 
3rd Ward’s Ankarima Pearly Princess At Snoodle 
4th Moore’s Canen Spellbinder At Menawethan
5th Matthews-Loydall’s Kakealas Gihone Ghillie

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Elrick’s Pitfour Piperwhyte
2nd Harwood & Jennings’ Atastar Voodoo Doll With Alusio
3rd Butcher’s Hendor Addicted To Love 
4th Merrion’s Jatesas Symphony In Black
5th Lath & Croft’s Sambuca’s Wanderin’star

Class 16 Puppy Bitch
1st O’Higgins’ Sarnia Sumthin Ta Talk About
2nd Cummins & Woodward’s Willowmine Mistica Luna
3rd Langdon’s Atastar Easy On The Eye
4th Butcher’s Hendor I’m No Angel
5th Roper’s Jusbar Mis’Teeq

Class 17 Special Puppy AOC
1st Parker & Winwood’s Highla Take That With Montego
2nd Butcher’s Hendor I’m No Angel


Class 18 Junior Bitch
1st Farndon’s Amenria Sweet Sensation
2nd Nordmark-Rojas & Rogers’ Montravia Coconut Surprise
3rd Brook’s Skulbrook Point Taken
4th Jennings & Tod’s Taruana Don’t Stop Believing


Class 19 Special Yearling Bitch
1st Jennings & Tod’s Taruana Tiny Dancer


Class 20 Novice Bitch
1st Pine-Haynes’ Vicmars Ring My Bell
2nd Brown’s Taruana Iced Kandi
3rd Matthews-Loydall’s Zenzaris Busy Bein Fabulous At Moraymac

Class 21 Graduate Bitch
1st Campbell’s Labamba Pandemonium For Papushka
2nd Brown’s Taruana Iced Kandi
3rd Ward’s Snoodle Dark Desire
4th Gilbert’s Floral Tribute To Carlonia

Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch
1st Cook’s Topcatana Showgirl
2nd Carter’s Somanic Reality Check
3rd Fury’s Vanitonia I’m No Angel
4th Vidler’s Vicmar’s Wicked Wishes
5th Franklin’s Suedor Silver Express

Class 23 Limit Bitch
1st Sillito-Beale Mrs K’s Malibu Got A Crush On You JW
2nd Elrick’s Afterglow Senorita Pitfour
3rd Fleming’s Rosalo Unique Star
4th Clare & Charles’ Pamplona Dancing In The Dark JW
5th Fury’s Vanitonia I’m No Angel

Class 24 Special Open Bitch AOC
1st Wiseman’s Janavons Sea Blossom At Belcani JW
2nd Steel’s Vilprano Sunny Afternoon For Steelthorn
3rd Grundy & Holbourn’s Miss Marie Gold Of Shanpave
4th Macro’s Snoodle Death By Chocolate At Jemsmac
5th Moore’s Canen Spellbinder At Menawethan

Class 25 Open Bitch
1st Cornwell Nicholls’ Ch Labamba Here Come The Girls From Tazmitch JW
2nd Langdon’s Vicmars Absolutely Atastar
3rd Young & Coad’s Pamplona Wot A Surprise For Anorien JW ShCM
4th Franklin’s Suedor Silver Express
5th Macro’s Snoodle Death By Chocolate At Jemsmac


Class 26 Special Pet Clip Bitch
1st Campbell’s Ch Papushkas Dare To Dream JW
2nd Ward’s Ankarima Pearly Princess At Snoodle
3rd Matthews-Loydall’s Kakealas Gihone Ghillie
4th Gilbert’s Floral Tribute To Carlonia

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